Dissertation Consultation

A highly customized, interdisciplinary service that includes an editorial analysis of a dissertation or dissertation proposal combined with weekly or bimonthly sessions that may involve ongoing content editing, writing consultation, and coaching to develop time management, stress management, public speaking, or other behavioral traits and skills.

Writing Coaching

If you are struggling with the structure or development of your novel, editing while writing, keeping to a schedule, or balancing writing with life, consider working with a coach who can help you improve your writing and self-confidence.

Editorial Assessment

A detailed analysis focusing on content, structure, consistency, development, and literary elements such as plot, setting, and characterization. Identifies big picture problems and provides recommendations and resources.


Developmental editing ensures your novel or dissertation is developing fully by examining the work as whole and individual chapters. Line editing corrects errors and improves readability. Proofreading polishes a final manuscript. 

About Angela

I am a writer, writing coach and freelance editor. I help new and struggling writers do their best work and get published! I have been writing technical documents and editing books, theses, and dissertations for many years. I have a Master’s in English and taught university writing courses for 6 years. My experience also includes marketing and internal communications.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading (saw that coming, didn’t you?), writing (and that too), traveling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. I live in the sunny Southwest with my spouse and our dog, Pedro, a 12-pound Chihuahua-Min Pin mix.

Angela did a fantastic job editing my masters thesis. As someone who didn’t have knowledge of the topic, she asked great questions during the process, which helped to make my thesis more accessible to my target audience. I recommend her as someone who is detail oriented and critically reads the work she is presented for editing.

Tim, PA

Angela has the most amazing combination of life coaching, technical, and editing skills. She utilized all these skills when editing Sprouting Spiritual Growth: A Memoir and Guide to Spiritual Journaling for me in 2017.

Marie, PA

I worked with Angela to accomplish a goal I wasn’t sure how to approach.  She helped me to break down my goal into smaller steps and create realistic weekly tasks. I learned how to make adjustments to tasks or to the time I was willing to spend to stay on track. While working with Angela, I learned to feel better about taking time for me.

TiNesha, NJ

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