Dissertation Consultation

Dissertation consultation is a tailored service designed for doctoral candidates who would like assistance with their dissertation project. This may involve a variety of services including editing, writing consulting, and coaching. The purpose of this work is to assist individuals and groups in completing their dissertation on time and submitting their best work. The dissertation process can be daunting, exhausting, and stressful. The best time to involve a dissertation consultant in the process is before submitting the proposal, but consultation is advantageous at any time during the project.

It can be extremely useful and a huge relief to have someone managing the big picture while you focus on the details. There are many areas where a dissertation can go wrong. Are you struggling in any of these areas?

  • Project feels too big and overwhelming
  • Research question is too broad
  • Literature review doesn’t connect research to study/research question
  • Literature review is boring
  • Study doesn’t address research question well
  • Graphs, charts and other visuals are boring or don’t simplify complex information
  • Not making an original contribution to current research
  • Difficulty justifying use of guiding framework
  • Ideas and discussions are too abstract
  • Discussions focus only on concrete details
  • Chapters are too short
  • Dissertation lacks cohesion between chapters
  • Lacking scholarly tone/academic voice
  • Writing repeats same words and phrases throughout
  • Writing lacks credibility, clarity, or coherence

A Dissertation Consultant can get you back on track. Services are highly customized for each client depending on their needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Following are examples of the expertise that will benefit your dissertation process:

  • Assessment of writing completed to date
  • Weekly/bimonthly meetings that can include the following
    • Coaching – work on improving habits and skills while being held accountable and receiving support and encouragement
    • Consulting – enhance your writing and develop your ideas and discussions in the dissertation
    • Editing – receive ongoing reviews of writing
  • Develop a project plan, including a timeline, for the dissertation project, beginning to end
  • Learn ways to manage the challenges of life and the dissertation process
  • Receive writing consulting which will highlight problems and show how to resolve them
  • Discuss ideas and aspects of the dissertation along with resolutions to particular problems
  • Review ethics of the study including mitigation of researcher bias
  • Ensure requirements are met
  • Utilize tools to critically evaluate, brainstorm, and organize your thoughts and writing

When undertaking a project of this magnitude, it is quite helpful, even necessary, to have encouragement, support, and expertise available. Please make use of additional resources on this site including how and when to edit, writing the Literature review, working with a writing coach, and many other topics related to writing and literature in the blog. Let’s talk about what you are struggling with and come up with a plan together to get you back on track.

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