Writers on Writing: Scott Austin Tirrell

SCOTT AUSTIN TIRRELL is the author of 4 fiction novels (with 2 more on the way) and 7 non-fiction books in his Frustrated Writer series. He also maintains his own publishing company, Satirrell Publishing, which publishes journals and project planners on a variety of topics for creative folks. Scott lived in China for over 3Continue reading “Writers on Writing: Scott Austin Tirrell”

How to Write a Literature Review

Many people are daunted by the literature (lit) review portion of a dissertation or thesis. It requires much focus, time, and energy, so it is not something to put off or be undertaken casually. The good news is that getting this section right will make it easier to write the remaining chapters. Before starting yourContinue reading “How to Write a Literature Review”

Writers on Writing: Joshua Isard

JOSHUA ISARD is an Assistant Professor and Director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Arcadia University. He has published numerous short stories and his first novel, Conquistador of the Useless, was published in 2013.   ANGELA: Where do your ideas come from? JOSHUA: Mostly real life experiences. I can’t say that’s new forContinue reading “Writers on Writing: Joshua Isard”

Understanding Story, Plot and Narrative

“Rip Van Winkle” is the quintessential American short story.  It is compact, has an impact, and a beginning, middle and end that you can read in one setting.  More importantly it has humor.  The story is full of meaningful descriptions and imagery.  “Rip Van Winkle” is simply enjoyable and fun to read.  Like other short stories, it is influenced byContinue reading “Understanding Story, Plot and Narrative”

Writers on Writing: Kim Antieau

KIM ANTIEAU is a prolific writer, researcher, librarian, publisher and blogger. She has published 20 novels, six collections of short stories, four non-fiction books and numerous short stories, articles and poems. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, and fellow writer, Mario Milosevic. ANGELA: Where do your ideas come from? KIM: I getContinue reading “Writers on Writing: Kim Antieau”

Writing: Structure and Organization

The structure and organization of writing is critical to effective communication. There is a standard format that can be followed regardless of the purpose or intended audience (two important elements that were discussed in this post). The following framework will help you successfully convey your thoughts and ideas. You may recognize it as the formatContinue reading “Writing: Structure and Organization”

Seize the Moment – Grab a Short Story

[T]he story demands that you become a fuller participant in said experience. There won’t be any long authorial seduction of the reader; you need to be primed when you show up. And no chapters full of backstory, set-pieces, window-dressing, etc. Of course, all readers should be alert and dedicated all the time, but a novelContinue reading “Seize the Moment – Grab a Short Story”

Writers on Writing: Nina Kiriki Hoffman

NINA KIRIKI HOFFMAN is an award-winning author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. She has been nominated for every major award for her short fiction in the fantasy and science fiction genre. ANGELA: Where do your ideas come from? NINA: Ideas are all around. I always have at least a pen and a piece ofContinue reading “Writers on Writing: Nina Kiriki Hoffman”

Writing Tips for Smooth and Engaging Writing

Effective communication is the sharing of information that others pay attention to, understand, remember and use. Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Check out the following strategies to communicate more effectively. They are not just meant for college students or people who write for a living such as technical writersContinue reading “Writing Tips for Smooth and Engaging Writing”